Project Timeline

Trend Arlington Community Garden Handbook

 The Garden Handbook is a living document. As the garden develops and lessons are learned we intend to incorporate lessons and feedback into the way we operate. For any comments questions or concerns, please email

 Project Status

Our last update included a timeline that needs some adjustment and we'd like to welcome many new subscribers who signed up after seeing our mailbox posters.

  • For everyone who's signed up thank you for your interest and patience. We're so excited by the level of interest and the desire by everyone who signed up to learn about gardening and contribute to this project in one way or another. We live in such a wonderful community and this garden space will only make it better.

    We were hoping to update earlier but we needed two things to play out first.

    1 - we wanted to give a bit of time for anyone who doesn't follow TACA through digital channels to take advantage of our mailbox posters and express interest

    2 - we needed to receive updates from the city and our partners at Just Food

    Now that both of the above have happened, here's the latest:

    1) City approval and signed contracts for land use are expected to come by end of May

    What this means is that our build will be a bit delayed but we are still on track for a late spring launch. 

    2) Our original site proposal considered an initial phase of 20-25 beds - we have more than 30 interested parties

    Every year the allotment will be based on a lottery system for fairness. However this year is unique as we believe we have an opportunity to expand our original proposal for the site which we are working on in the background with the city. If successful we hope to build extra beds and accommodate all parties! However we need to plan for all circumstances so in the coming week we will be finalizing our garden handbook and doing a lottery for all interest parties so that we have an order of priority. 

    If your lottery number is greater than 20 we will advise you individually of the "pending" status as we finalize the adjustments to the plan with the city in parallel.

    3) We are developing a 'build day' plan to ensure we can draw on the wonderful report we've received from everyone in lending a hand to build the garden, in a COVID-safe and organized way. A separate mailer for those who've expressed interest will happen shortly.

    So what will happen next?

    1) First 20 gardeners will receive Handbook and request for rental fee by May 15

    2) The remaining gardeners will be kept current as we finalize our adjusted proposal with the city

    3) Everyone who expressed interest in helping with the build will be provided with the plans for building the standard garden box bed and a list of other materials required for the build.

    4) A signup will be provided to ensure we only have a small number of people on site at the same time

Community Garden

 In a partnership with the City of Ottawa, Hydro One, and Just Food, the Trend Arlington Community Association (“TACA”) is pursuing a Community Garden located close to the TACA building. This will provide residents with the opportunity to grow their own vegetables in a community setting and gain hands-on education about gardening.

The TACA community garden is a community effort. All plot owners are considered garden volunteers and as part of the Community Garden community, garden volunteers are asked to sign up for certain minor tasks and duties to keep the garden site clean, organized and with a stable water supply.

Garden volunteers are also asked to donate a portion of their growth to a local food cupboard through TACA.

How are beds allocated?

● A fixed number of beds will be built (between 20-40)

  • If interest exceeds available beds, results will be determined using a random lottery system

Who Can Apply?

● Residents of the Community

● Neighbourhood groups or Service organizations *

* Residents of the community will receive priority - if beds remain available, other applications will be considered

What does it cost?**

● $25 per allotment bed (4’X8’) per year

**Low income households may be eligible to receive a bed at no cost

I’m interested!

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Site Plan